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The luxury cruise ship turns into a shipyard 'floating hotels'

Date: 2018-08-08

Genting Hong Kong recently announced that its star cruises "scales" (SuperStar Libra) will become the company's German shipyard MV Werften a "floating" hotel.

"Scales" vessel has reached 30 years, the 216 - meter - long ship will become a special hotel MV Werften shipyard.The "floating" hotel has about 700 guest rooms, can accommodate 1400 people.

It is understood that after 30 years of sea, "the scales" cruise finally stopped in Germany Wismar Werften shipyard dock, the current issue of the ongoing "scales" remodeling, plans to officially open in August.Future genting group's new employees, partners, and suppliers of the ship project priority will be to use the special hotel.

Genting group's MV Werften shipyard is original Nordic Yards, made up of three Wismar shipyards, Germany northeast of Stralsund and Rostock.2016, genting group in order to build a new cruise ship for the above several shipyards, and will be a new shipyard named Werften MV.

It is understood that the MV Werften Wismar and Warnemunde factory is building 204000 tons of global luxury cruise, the first ship will be delivered in 2020, the second ship will be delivered in 2021.Genting said in a statement, MV Werften booming business means that the personnel in the rapidly growing demand.In Wisma three factories, one of the number of employees will increase to 1500 people, there are a number of contractors."Scales" 700 cabin will provide enough capacity, ensure employees quick commute.

Due to the genting group xingmeng lines with crystal cruise future in MV shipyard will have a large number of new projects, so the move is seen as a disguised way to reduce costs.

MV Werften chief executive Peter Fetten said: "the libra star as a floating hotel is a very clever way, so I can let staff accommodation more flexible more relaxed, more convenient and shipyard also closer."

Learned, Star Cruises "scales" (SuperStar Libra), founded in 1988, after the genting group's Star Cruises (Star Cruises) brand owned and operated.